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Good for you dumbass...you should it listen to your brain, instincts, and guts. They don't lie. People lie and hurt. Some on purpose. You got to be smarter to not fall for those games. You were told so it is only your fault for messing around with a married man you stupid bitch lol

None of it is real. I am so blessed to be free and in love with something real. The truth set me free. God is so good.

When I accepted he just needed me to love him, his loving me was necessary for our marriage..he didn't know how to love a wife....acceptance and a future to build

Girls stay around for guys that are not in the relationship and fuck with their feelings.respect yourself enough to walk away from it! Story of my life. Men like to fuck you! Not in the food way and some women do that shit too!

I never wanted someone to buy me roses, I wanted someone who'd plant them, knowing that I'd be around

Love this Quote Love this Quote! I never wanted someone to buy me roses; I wanted someone who'd plant them knowing that I'd be around **when the flowers bloomed. ** ROSES FOR BEAUTIFUL LADIES** jerry g

Broken... move on... gets better.

Every girl deserves a guy that can make her heart forget that it was ever broken. I've found my man :D

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There are things in life we don't want to happen, but have to accept; things we don't want to know, but have to learn, and people we can't live without, but have to let go. So true!


I deserve passion. I deserve to be loved in every way. I deserve a man who'll give his whole heart, not the part he isn't using at the time.

Never ignore a person who loves you

Never ignore a person who loves you cares for you and misses you because one day you might wake up and realize you lost the moon while counting the stars life quote - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images

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