Another clever example of using negative space in a creative way. SJ

Clever Use of Negative Space in Design

Creative Black and White Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Poster by Kaushik Design Melbourne, Australia.

One thing leads to another.  Quit smoking now.

This anti-smoking ad shows, in a way, how smoking can affect the smoker's lungs. It encourages smokers to quit in order to avoid getting lung cancer and dying.

Noma_Bar_06                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Noma Bar et son utilisation de l’espace négatif

via Metropolis free font (

Metropolis 1920 font comes from the industrial movement of the where skyscrapers where born. Using a double line technique, I wanted to create my own Art Deco style font that represented this era.

Day 112 26th March 2013

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" I veri intenditori non bevono vino. Degustano segreti." ( Salvador Dalì )

I love the combination of the wine and the saxophone in this poster. This is a great example of a minimalist design with a double meaning. The saxophone represents the "Jazz & Blues" and the Pouring wine represents the winery where the even is being held.

300.000 children sexually abused by Creative Criminals, via Flickr

This image depicts a strong and powerful message of sexual abuse. The black and white colours portray a dark and sad message, and the huge confronting hand against the small legs illustrates the dominance of sexual predators.

@AlyssaCulver ****** Maybe this Bear if we can turn these trees into a Hops

Not sure who this logo is for but I love the simplicity and use of negative space./// The use of negative space for bear design is very simple and creative.


The wire fencing at the base overlooking the Hudson River complete the visual illusion + the single seagull that appears to be a belly button is effective at enhancing the visual illusion too ✔️

MAYBE THE OPT-IN PAGE? I like the white background, 4 areas for text ... and the floating imagery. Graphic design work by Urtd

50 Stunningly Beautiful Geometric Patterns In Graphic Design

MAYBE THE OPT-IN PAGE? I like the white background, 4 areas for text . and the floating imagery. Graphic design work by Urtd

Snake !!!

The contribution of Polish poster art has been substantive. Notice the graphic simplicity and simple direct iconic imagery.

I think in a way we already have a limitation with freedom of speech because of the consequences what you say can cause. If people speak to freely online or on social networks it could hurt your representation. For example recently in the news there have been stories about racial issues with colleges and fraternities which is one of he downsides of freedom of speech. On the upside people can use their freedom of speech to protest social issues.

Red Dot Design Award, 2013 Poster category FREEDOM OF SPEECH client: Shu-Te University, Kaohsiung City design: Shu-Te University, Department of Visual Communication Design, Kaohsiung City supervising professor: Chein-Feng Chang graphic design: Pei-Ling Ou