I only knew a few of these (Flynn's age, Gothel's dress, some of the symbols from other movies, Pinocchio's cameo) but I love the name Bastian, but that would be redundant since there's a Disney character name Sebastian already. Also, many people know this by now but Gothel's affection for Rapunzel's hair rather than Rapunzel herself shows how she never loved HER, but rather loved her powers. The descending lantern fact is my fav! ADORABLE!

Things you maybe didn't know about Tangled

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Pocket Princesses (Part by Amy Mebberson - I am in love with the Pocket Princesses! I always laugh at their antics and would love to read more! by susangir

Quasimodo always being left out...he really is the best of them...

Everyone Has Flaws

They all have flaws, but somehow at the end of each film(a period of like, 2 days, usually) they have repented and recovered into perfect husband material. so true

If Disney Princesses Were Moms Happily ever after… after kids.

If Disney Princesses Were Moms Happily ever after… after kids. I don't like how Cinderella and Tiana are the only happy moms

Pocket Princesses (Part 9) by Amy Mebberson

Princess in my pocket

Pocket Princesses (Part 5) by Amy Mebberson by susangir

Pocket Princesses (Part by Amy Mebberson. Oh my god did anyone else see the fifty shades of gray book?