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First time eating at Abura Soba Yamatoten!

Nowadays paper might seem less relevant than it used to, but it is still very much a part of our lives. It is convenience. But that convenience comes with a large ecological cost. Lets look at some paper facts!

Traditional food gone modern! #FoodTravel #Food #Foodie #KulinerSurabaya #Manado #ManadoFood

degortez: Food Travel // New Branch of De Mandailing Cafe

Korean BBQ dinner! #FoodTravel #Food #KulinerSurabaya #KoreanFood #dinner

degortez: Food Travel // Anniversary Dinner at My Kopi O!

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A catching-up with friend at Kaldee's!

A unique experience at a sushi restaurant!

Find out the food that I was totally obsessed with last May!