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Book sculptures

These artist book are made by giving the book faces. the faces adds shapes towards the book. its made by them cutting the book to create different things such as faces.

Gripping Book Art: 31 Sculptures Worth Reading About | WebUrbanist

Su Blackwell is an artist and working predominantly within the realm of paper.Check out 10 Most Creative Book Sculptures By Su Blackwell

Emma Lloyd - Book Artist

Amazing Paper Art Creations

book art- sculptures from repurposed books. this is COOL- would love to have one for my house! by Emma Lloyd - Book Artist

Leuk gedaan met oude boeken.

Book art - The patience this man must have! These incredible works are the art of Issac G. Salazar, available on etsy.

amazing book sculpture. I don't know who the artist is and I can't seem to find out. Does anyone know?                                                                                                                                                     More

amazing book sculpture Looks as if the books story is coming to life, interesting concept very well executed

Paper ART sculpture - Smaug - Dragon du Seigneur des Anneaux

Beautiful Paper ART Sculpture - Smaug / Lord of the Rings by VMCreations aka "FarTooManyIdeas" on DeviantarT . i'm sorry for the book so much, but Smaug is really beautiful.

Tus viejos libros de informática pueden servir de algo

crazy art!This guy glues/smashes books together, then carves them in to freaky stuff.


DIY: Repurpose-Recycle-Upcycle Books!

face in a book sculpture

Maybe this was supposed to be some deep philosophical picture but i thought it was hilarious - Face book. *see, I just thought of the screaming book in the Restricted Section. <- yeah, I thought of the screaming book too!

Dit vind ik ook wel mooi. Het lijkt me wel leuk als ik er een huis van kan maken ( als dat mogelijk is)

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PETER PAN Sculpture discovered at J M Barrie's Birthplace in Kirriemuir, Scotland. Incredible Artwork!!!

Peter Pan Book Art by anonymous Edinburgh Book Sculptor.-as beautiful as book sculptures are they make me cringe to think of the damaged book.

Flowers! Syra Gomez Porcelain wall art sculpture installation,  interior art

Syra Gomez Ceramics sample of select bespoke, contemporary ceramic and porcelain wall sculpture installations, porcelain flowers and jewelry collections.

7th Grade Keith Haring Sculptures. Installation. Have to do this at school! This could solve the no art in the hallways/walls because of fire restrictions problem!!

Have to do this at school! This could solve the no art in the hallways/walls because of fire restrictions problem!