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Incredible Street Art That Will Amuse And Amaze

Street art - Stockholm Sweden - If I owned a city it would be filled with things like this!

luxury Trash can. In düsseldorf, GEMANY http://i.wik.im/64738

DIY Louis Vuitton wheelie bin // perhaps in response to LV trash bags // anyone know who made this bin?

Obra de artista desconocido, compartida por StreetArt in Germany.

Boring park bench transformed into a clever piano! Imagine the tunes your bottom could play!


Artist Playfully Transforms Street Markings Into Works of Art

Funny pictures about Parking Space Art. Oh, and cool pics about Parking Space Art. Also, Parking Space Art photos.

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street art Melbourne Street Art - I'm not sure if this can be classed under portraits, but this caught my eye for the sheer simplicity of it, a moment of movement, captured on something that is sturdy and unmoving.

Someone Is Leaving Ironic Messages All Over The UK, And It’s Impossible Not To Notice Them

Mobstr is a living example that not everyone who write on walls are vandals. This witty British street artist employs stencils and irony to poke fun at social

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Bansky street art - Dreaming is my religion blehh i don't like stencil graffiti but dis cute.