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I dont know what's worse, and you never know which it will be

"some days, I feel everything at once. other days, I feel nothing at all. I don't know what's worse: drowning beneath the waves or dying from the thirst. quote today is one of those days

Every time I think I'm getting better, I just end up getting worse than I was the time before.

Social anxiety disorder is a serious condition today. However, before we get to social anxiety disorder test, it is very important to understand what social anxiety test is and how serious this con…

I woke up one day and realized that I was what I hated more than anything else on this planet. I was the problem and that the solution was to overcome me. I struggle every day but I'm closer than I was one day ago.

Sad Love Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote I keep so much pain inside myself. I grasp my anger and loneliness and hold it in my chest But I don't know how to let it go. Sharing is Caring

i like to be left alone but when people don't notice i'm absent it hurts and i know its my own fault for becoming invisible for isolating myself but just once i want someone to notice to truly notice and care

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I just lay there. Thinking. Of all the failures. How I've become someone I don't even know anymore. Of how badly I just it all to stop.

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I'm constantly wishing that I was home even when I'm already home...

We are torn between nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange. As often as not, we are homesick most for the places we have never known. We may go there through our imaginations and the written word.


Our Weary World by Erin Hanson I love this-outside, especially at night has always been my favorite but this relates it to us and our troubles-oh it's so beautiful

"There will be dozens of people who will take your breath away.  But the one who reminds you to breathe is the one you should keep."

"There will be dozens of people who will take your breath away but the one who reminds you to breath is the one you should keep." >>If only i could find more that actually took my breath away.