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Ghosts by Rupi Kaur

All they do is act like nothing happened but how can I do the same? When you left me broken & filled with shame. -(via zorarose)

I like this because it's positive in a morbidy kind of way.

I like this because it's positive in a morbidy kind of way.

My ex left over text, you decide what that makes him

‘I Can’t Tell If It’s Healing Or Destroying Me’: Rupi Kaur’s Feminist Poetry

Deeeeeeeeep thoughts

tragic the destructive toxic relationships some people collapse into, become mired in, settle for, . lying to themselves that it's love.

So true...

In all the wild world, there is no more desperate creature, than a human being on the verge of losing love -Atticus

Rupi Kaur Daughter Love

every time you tell your daughter you yell at her out of love you teach her to confuse anger with kindness which seems like a good idea till she grows up to trust men who hurt her cause they look so much like you ~ to fathers with daughters - rupi kaur

tengo lo que tengo y soy feliz. Perdi lo que perdí y sigo feliz

milk and honey. i have what i have and i am happy. i've lost what i've lost and i am still happy - outlook - rupi kaur