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Muay Thai Boxing

Kickboxing: I am not a big fan of inflicting violence on someone with the intent to ruin their day. That said, my wrestling prowess would do me very little in an actual fight cause someone would just muy thai me to death. So I want to learn how to kick


Tae Kwon Do.This pic is a great illustration of the belt returning to white, showing a return to purity. This is the purpose of the progression of the belt colors in TaeKwonDo we have this quote at the Lucas martial arts academy.

One of my favourite historical pictures showing martial art greats - Bruce Lee, Ed Parker, and Joe Lewis.

Historical picture showing martial art greats - Bruce Lee, Ed Parker, and Joe Lewis.


It's not the size of the girl in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the girl. I need this shirt

BJJ is life for sure.

Don't fear the man who does 1000 techniques.Fear the man who does 1 technique 1000 times.Ah martial arts. *cough*rhonda*cough* (LOVE THAT WOMAN!


10 Insane Martial Arts You've Never Heard Of - Listverse

Karate-do Black Belt Paracord Bracelets  Wear your Karate Rank!

Karate-do Black Belt Paracord Bracelets Wear your Karate Rank except do Tae Kwon Do instead of Karate

There are SO many reasons for girls to do martial arts! I started in my 30's but consider the benefits by starting EARLY!

Why Martial Arts is Great for Girls- Trust me, I know. My instructor is the first person I ever looked in the eye

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