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Wellcome to Darma Bali Wisata

There is abundance of best scuba diving destinations in the America. Mainland, Caribbean territories and islands of South Pacific offer you various diving spots

Manta rays enjoy the strong currents inside the Komodo National Park, near Flores, Indonesia.

Greenpeace photographer Paul Hilton takes us to an underwater nirvana with his breathtaking pictures from the UNESCO-listed Komodo National Park.

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Top 25 experiences in Bali & Lombok

Top experiences in Bali: making the most of paradise


Beluga Whale photo by Jennifer Stuber These whales are unique and friendly. But they are mistaken by most people as dolphins and are becoming endagered species. the ocean

Bonaire – Wikipedia

Bonaire, NA Hilma Hooker Wreck Dive Done it, nice dive!

Photograph Five Hours On One Breath... by Jacques de Vos on 500px

''Five Hours On One Breath'' - An adiult Green Turtle can stay submerged under water for up to 5 hours, its heart rate slowing down to 1 beat per minute. Photography by Jacques de Vos, an award winning photographer


Take a cruise and see Alaska! I want to see the whales and the natural environment.

Weh Indonesia

Weh Island, Indonesia// i wish to travel the world and visit beautiful places like this one

Giant Octopus They are very intelligent!

Kraken, believed to be a giant octopus or squid with tentacles and size to drag ships to the bottom of the sea.