“Listen, what I said before John, I meant it. I don’t have friends; I’ve just got one.”-Sherlock | Community Post: The Best Quotes From BBC's "Sherlock"

The Best Quotes From BBC's "Sherlock"

The Best quotes from Sherlock. “Listen, what I said before John, I meant it. I don’t have friends;

Good lord, Watson's mustache and a pun in one meme. It does not get better. -KR

this will never ever ever ever stop being funny<--- if there is not a moustache pun in series 3 I will be bitterly disappointed! This os Hilarious!

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Love this comment: Sherlock: dead body dance John: cute overload Greg: I hate my life It is perfect xD ♥

Bernerder Cumberber

BBC Sherlock Inspired Quote Poster - 11 x 17 via Etsy great for this violin players out there ;


*SPOILER ALERT* That Moment On Sherlock When Everyone Watching Just STOPPED LIVING For 10 Seconds…I mean I don't ship Sherlolly.well, at least not as much as I ship Johnlock, but I legitimately stopped living for like a minute.

Sherlock : la plus belle déclaration d'amitié !

Sherlock, Season The Sign of Three (Episode Very hilarious! I think it's the worst best man speech I have ever heard!

Now that I think about it, Sherlock and Sheldon are a lot alike. Both insanely smart, annoying, socially inept, have a best friend who they constantly insult but couldn't live without

It's a brilliant conversation starter, I do believe I have used it before - not because Sherlock did, but because it's all I could think to say. I'm not exactly great at small talk…haha <-- pretty sure this is a sheldon cooper quote actually

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Sherlock: How do you care for the violin? Sherlock: I play the violin when I'm thinking and I will go without talking for a few days. Does that bother you?