Thank Music Teacher

If you can read this - thank a music teacher! Thank your music teacher if you understand the language!


Classical Music Isn't Dead

Today& Art Bit: & classical music has endured because it has been made American. Talk to anyone who performs, composes, promotes, or organizes anything in this field and the blaze is palpable. It is not a profession for the apathetic.

I never liked that song anyways - Imgur

I never liked that song anyways

I had to laugh at this ad for raid. Its amusing and quite playful in a good way. Normally those raid ads that i see have actual bugs and such in them.

Music joke! ~ Bonjour French Horn ~ pinned by

French horn humor <<< hey i play the trumpet :) <<<<I took French horn lessons once. I sucked

....that's basically it...

Oh my word I did a piece for uil my sophomore year of high school that was nothing but runs like this. On the dang tuba no less.>>>>with violin at least you can kinda slide around everywhere and air-bow

.... BUT REALLY THO this is the truest thing I've ever read Where was this post when I needed it most

The amount of time spent fearing child prodigies tho. XD Funny and painful truth about classical musicians in the & centuries. - 11 Charts That Are Totally Accurate For Classical Musicians

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