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Red Terror Cichlid                                                       …

Offering Red Terror Festae cichlids for sale daily. Amphilophus festae cichlids are also popular amongst aquarium hobbyists who enjoy the big cichlids.

Under the Sea

Synchiropus splendidus Love this fish, they do well in a Salt Water Setup! I thought it was fresh or salt or at best briney.

Em breve mais um aquário de parede Life Decor apenas  com Ciclideos

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Synspilum. Cichlid

Fish: Aulonocara stuartgranti - Sunshine Peacock Cichlid Wonderful Fish unfortunately it doesn`t really fit for Aquascapes. Maybe that`s how it has to be, his Beauty added to an Aquascape would be too.

Green Terror Cichlid. To see more click on ... http://www.AquariumFish.net/catalog_pages/cichlids_neotropical/cichlids_neotropical_table.htm#more

Green Terror Cichlids markings make his mouth look like the Cheshire Cat.

Green Terror Chiclid  "A. Rivulatus" (Lg. aggressive So. American)

Great color on the fins, almost like glowing embers. One Of the most vivid Green Terrors I have ever seen.