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Mother cheetah and cub

Big Cats - Mother cheetah and her young sitting together side by side.

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Cheetahs fascinate me... did you know they chirp like birds to throw off enemies?  AMAZING!

※ Cheetahs ※ I've never seen this type of expression on a Cheetahs face before ? Cheetahs never prosper .



Five Cheetah cubs are fluffing it up at Australia's Monarto Zoo! Read more on ZooBorns.com and at http://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/2017/07/five-cheetah-cubs-fluff-it-up-at-monarto-zoo.html

Five Cheetah Cubs Fluff It Up at Monarto Zoo

Five fluffy Cheetah cubs made their public debut this week at Australia’s Monarto Zoo. Born in March to mother Kesho, the cubs immediately began exploring their new environment after bonding with Kesho in a private den for about three months.

leopard momma and baby

leopard momma and baby

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" MOM CHEETAH: " I knows, but it waz a stressful day. Lemme chill out for a few minutes.

Cheetah #BigCatFamily

Cheetah #BigCatFamily