Dyeing Fabric - Shibori Techniques

Step Simple Stitching: Stitching in rows of straight lines creates a wood grain pattern called Mokume.

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Thankfully, my watering, computer-damaged eyes were not in vain, for I had discovered something wonderful: Catharine Ellis and her shibori weavings.

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Shibori ~ Bomaki technique: fabric is sewn into a tube that fits the pipe pretty tightly before cinching it up & twisting. The result: a finer series of lines compared to other pieces

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shibori, the japanese art of creating texture and colour on cloth. There are an incredible variety of styles and techniques.

Shibori pattern is revealed! This is Murakumo shibori. After the fabric is  wrapped around a plastic pipe, it's compressed to make pleats. This striking looking bag has hand-dyed cotton cord handles. (www.etsy.com/ca/shop/LittlemBlue)

Shibori pattern is revealed! This is Murakumo shibori.

Beautiful indigo shades at Calik’s inspirational shibori tie-dye workshop. Denim by Première Vision, Paris

katykatazome: “ Beautiful indigo shades - Calik’s inspirational shibori tie-dye workshop at last week’s Denim by Première Vision in Paris ”

Indigo shibori dye - Ori-nui shibori pattern. The fabric is folded along the lines and stitched through two layers, and the thread is pulled up really tight. It’s going to be a clutch purse soon. (Little m Blue)

Mine won't be indigo, but I like the subtle texture of the Ori-nui shibori pattern.

Lots of pictures and step-by-step instructions on itajime, mokume and other shibori techniques. One of my favorite blogs for dyeing and shibori.

This is called Karamatsu Shibori or larch pattern I'm really fond of it but I haven't had especially good success with it I thought I would.

Shibori Dyeing: Hedgehog Process By Michelle Griffiths - Yahoo Image Search…

Not cake decorating related. These would be cool cake toppers if made with gum paste or fondant. Wrapping string around them and using powder colour to get colour effects.

Callishibori - Gallery 3 Mokume Shibori, Wood Grain Pattern by Jane Callender

I had hoped to take a class with Jane summer, had to cancel due to health issues. Visit her website, wonderful products

"I HAVE to try this DIY by @jen Inumerable Baker . I've always wanted to learn how to perfect Indigo Shibori Dying! These look stunning."

Shibori Indigo Dyeing Tutorial

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. DIY Gifts Ideas 2017 / 2018 I HAVE to try this DIY by jen Inumerable Baker . I've always wanted to learn how to perfect Indigo Shibori Dying!

Make a beautiful Shibori pattern with Hibiscus flowers!...Great,very old method.Full tutorial for the project;and it's free!..It would be fun to jazz up some t-shirts,or pillow cases,or sheets,or....

Natural Dye & Shibori

Natural Dye (hibiscus) & Shibori dyeing methods / Poster shows the method for dyeing and the result so you have an idea what it will look like if you do it.