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The other girl laughing and the one in blue seems like what is she laughing about.

A beautiful mori-girl scarf in nordic patterns, perfect for a touch of vintage boho magic from favourite-one.jp

Warm skirt * where the world I consider that only colorful check patchwork ゜ + turns in the world where a skirt patchwork check length line is new, and to obtain changes

Hight Quality Japanese Mori Girl Scarf Harajuku Vintage Winter Colorant Match Knitted Long Cotton Pachwork Scarfs For Women

I wish I could find this for my little grandbaby Hana to wear, so adorable

thekimonogallery: Girl in ceremonial kimono (Shichi-go-san) Japan.

Love all the pieces, but if i try to do this combination, I might turn the colour palette to darker colours to better suit the pieces that I have at hand.

I need more skirts, blouses and cardis in my life

日本の昔の子供はみんなこの髪型…私の母もそうでした。// Most kids in Japan back in the day had this same haircut... As did my mother. (Oh why.) #vintage #japan

Sweet Japanese girl with her umbrella and doll. old picture.

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Misaki, Future Punk Trend Spotter

Street Style: the Fashion Overdose on the Streets.

Aqua Kokeshi

Kokeshi - Die ist ja süsss :D

「それは風船だ、あそこに見える参照してください!"  "See, look, over there, it's a balloon!"

Little Golden Geishas::

girl in kimono, Shichi Go San -the Japanese coming of age festival

Couldn't resist pinning this girl in kimono, Shichi Go San -the Japanese coming of age festival - such a colourful and joyful picture!

120819-1904 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Viva Cute Candy, Kreepsvill666, Kamisamagokko, TutuHA, Nile Perch, Bodyline)

- Japanese street fashion in Harajuku Tokyo (Viva Cute Candy Kamisamagokko TutuHA Nile Perch Bodyline)

This is both funny and cute~

Hungry Hamster T-Shirt

This is both funny and cute~

japanese fashion --- Ah, they look so cute! I don't think I could pull these looks off, but I like them :)

3 kinds of Kawaii Japanese Outfits

✮ ~ 'Wafuku' Japanese traditional clothing ~ gyaru in kimono ~ ☽

OH MY GOG! These Harajuku girl's are so Kawaii in their Kimonos!

Cute combo: duffel jacket, shorts, leggings, ankle boots. Classic korean (and Japanese) fashion. -Lily

We introduce you a new modern vintage♥ hARU style will turn your ordinary days…

Fanciful Connotation Scalloped Turn Collar Lace Blouse | Sincerely Sweet Boutique Really unique cute and cheep clothes !

Lace blouse with scalloped collar, pink skirt

*sigh* the clothes i wish we could pull off but for some reason only asian people can. and anime characters. grr.

Don't like this particular style but I do want to use this media on my sketches- turn them into watercolor inks