Tools to wake up for Fajr (Prayer) by islamographic on DeviantArt

Tools to wake up for Fajr (Prayer) by islamographic on DeviantArt

The Fiqh of Marriage Do you want to plan a Perfect #MuslimWedding? If so checkout

The Fiqh of Marriage. Marriage in Islam I do want to point out that the bit about divorce is for men only is inaccurate and should be changed by the creator of this infographic. Islam permits both men and women to initiate divorce and there are several in

living islam in a family

living islam in a family.I'm not muslim (yet) but this could be handy to pin for later in case I convert upon marriage :)

Prayer is a must in wake up before its too late

Always make doa before you sleep that Allah Azzawajallah wake you up for fajr



Thnqqqqq Allah

Prayer is amazing exchange, you hand over your worried to ALLAH and ALLAH hand over his blessings to you.

Posts about Islam and Leadership. Sometimes Islamic Leadership. Being a better believer by bringing.

Sometimes its hard to wake up that early, but prayer is better than sleep.

The silence and secrets of Fajr. * Who will stop the United States of Israel, stop war in Mideast, stop its police states in North America *