tomhawk was made from muzzleloader barrel from the 1700s and it was 3 in longand a pieceof file hammerwelded into the blade

This tomhawk was made from a muzzleloader barrel from the and it was 3 in long and a pieceof file hammer welded into the blade


Hatchet - The ax bears the Royal Danish and the Electoral Saxon coat of arms on the blade. It's like a ceremonial weapon decorated surface boundaries. At the helm of the figure of Fortune appears.

Raven Claw Fighting Knife

Raven Claw Fighting Knife awesome for my weapons character

Celtic axe

beautiful engraved axe blade, I know my dad would love this, so again, pinning this here because it is such a huge inspiration

Nothing treats a #behringmade right quite like a #Mudbone leather sheat

♠ Nothing treats a behringmade right quite like a Mudbone leather sheat ♠