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The two greatest crime-fighting mystery-solving cars of all time

The two greatest crime-fighting mystery-solving cars of all time>>what makes this even more awesome is that in season 13 they r doing a crossover with scoobie doo

I laughed out loud at work when I saw this and I don't even know why it's so fucking funny. All I can think of is Misha like "Am I good? Am I outta the frame?"

<< this was the perfect opportunity to say Cascake whats wrong with you


It’s fine, I’m OK now…

the pirates are always lurking, even in Supernatural posts. Its true. We are always around.

Well for once pirates of the Caribbean took over a post! And not jUst any post, a supernatural post! << I have new respect for the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom.

Literally cried just reading this

) Lol this is funny but I truly think the show should end with sam and dean dying yes I know that would be sad but common are they really gonna move on and have kids and die from a heart attack or somthing? Ah hell no! But destiel has to becom cannon