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Dunia Wreck It Ralph, Frozen dan Star Wars Eksis Dalam Kingdom Hearts III?

A recent leak shows that Square Enix might be releasing another Kingdom Hearts game and some details for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 game.

Yep. That pretty much sums up the game. yep pretty much but i can't blame him (says the one who's most like him  out of the game)

Still my favorite KH game lolz ^^

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art: Sora and Riku

Kingdom hearts

I deeply admire the person who put that text with Axel big brother/ father figure to Roxas and Xion kingdom hearts 2 and days

Sora, Neku & Riku

Starting from the left: Riku, Sora, and Neku from Kingdom Hearts- Dream Drop Distance.



Sora Kingdom Hearts, Kindom Hearts, We Heart It

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Kingdom Hearts Lord of the Rings

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Sora's Different Forms: Kingdom Hearts


Form:Sora - Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts encyclopedia

I swear playing these games makes you actually lose your mind.

I swear playing these games makes you actually lose your mind. // I spent like 5 freaking minutes trying find the last fish.

Ventus and green flower maded necklace<< It's a wayfinder!!

Ventus / Roxas (Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep)

Oathkeeper X Oblivion by KyoBlackHaru.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Kingdom Hearts by KyoBlackHaru on DeviantArt

I KNOW!!! It's terrible! I'm sitting there mouthing the words to it because I can't beat a boss on Kingdom Hearts. Lol, "DERS NO WAY UR TEKEN KARIS HERT"

I could NOT BEAT RIKU! And thank goodness you could skip cutscenes in because do you know how many times I had to fight Demyx?<<< Demyx is the worst! "Dance water dance" or "like it?

Sora...and pretty much everyone else

and pretty much everyone else

Kingdom Hearts Censorship by Silverkey101.deviantart.com on @deviantART

One of my favorite games of all time :)