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Ho solo voglia di te Amoremio. Ogni secondo. Anche adesso. Noncelafacciopiù!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Ooh, ah, fair warning, according to Muji love smells of sweaty gym shorts attempted to be masked with crude layers of false hope and dead wild flowers

I break out into loud talking *because my voice travels* and crazy dancing. Maybe if I'm lucky a kiss you shit me up here and there

I need to practice using language in unusual ways, break the tropes and clichés.

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The way your eyes wrinkle when you smiles and you get that twinkle in your eyes when you laugh To me you are perfect love bug

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I'd really love to text someone some day at in the morning and just go on an impromptu adventure somewhere and just get to know them for who they are.Somewhere.