a red, gold and white bow on a wooden surface
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Christmas Tree Bows | Tree Topper Bows | Burgundy Ivory Gold Bow - 5ft / 8ft

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These Christmas Tree Bows will be the perfect addition to your presents, staircase or trees this Christmas season. Use it on top of your tree, as the perfect conclusion to a wonderful wrapping job, or to decorate your indoor or outdoor staircases and poles. This made to order Christmas tree bow is made with three different ribbons and there are many color options available so inquire if you're looking for something specific. Measures approximately 13 inches and includes 6 tails in your choice of length (see drop down choices) and includes the wire to attach to a tree, an existing wreath, staircase rail, etc. Super cute and perfect for any decor or occasion. *Bow is positioned to sit on the front top of the tree. If you want the bow to be full from all angles of viewing (i.e. if your tree is not in the corner or against a wall), I would suggest purchasing two to place back to back.
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