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Bride Attire: You may wish to wear a white version of the gown she wore to her coronation, which is a scooped-necked dress with fitted waist and wide skirt, with upper sleeves and bell-shaped lower sleeves. A tiara with daffodil designs would be perfect as a head ornament.

Susan Pevensie

Susan's coronation dress from The Chronicles of Narnia Costumes by Isis Mussenden. Susan the Gentle


I fucking hate this show. I am about sure they costume it entirely from cast-off prom dresses styled by 15 year old girls who still have unicorn posters in their bedrooms. // Reign ^previous poster is a hater^

Green Dress Anna Popplewell

Someone requested that I post photos of my finished Narnia dress, so here it is! This is my recreation of Susan’s Archery Dress from the first.

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Reign na Comic-Con: peste negra, bebês, Bash na friendzone e mais do 2º ano

Reign (Adelaide Kane as Mary Queen of Scots)

Finally a great picture of Lucy's coronation dress from Prince Caspian!!!

Lucy's Coronation Dress from Prince Caspian

anna popplewell

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High King Peter the magnificent. High Queen Susan the Gentle. King Edmund the Just. Queen Lucy the Valiant.

Colecionadora de Moda: O figurino de Reign

Kena e seus vestidos maravilhosos

♔ As Crônicas de Nárnia saga.♕: Desenhos de Nárnia - Narnia drawings.

costume design for the Pevensies school uniforms in Prince Caspian by Oksana Nedavniaya

Archer Anna Popplewell

Susan Interesting idea, note slashing on upper arm. Never seen that, it could be possible, maybe regional.