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"You're going to be a Queen one day, Arietta. You're going to rule over a nation. Do you think it wise to grieve over a traitor or ally yourself with those who will do nothing but burn you to the ground?" Helen said with a grave expression.

Why You Should Get on the Reign Train

Interesting to hear peoples different opinions on the houses of the Narnia…

The written house assignments are perfect. Although, I think Lucy is probably a Hufflepuff and Peter a Gryffindor<<<<<and Susan is a ravenclaw and Edmund is a slytherin

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Susans archery dress in Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe

Ideas for my Sleeve: Susans archery dress in Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe Strong image

susan pevensie costume purple dress from Prince Caspian

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Custom Susan Pevensie Inspired Dress Narnia by QualityCosplay

Someone requested that I post photos of my finished Narnia dress, so here it is! This is my recreation of Susan’s Archery Dress from the first.