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Everyday Health (video)Theres More to Weight Loss Than Eating Less - Sanjay Gupta - The Obesity Paradox Americans have been eating steadily fewer calories for almost a decade, yet obesity rates have not improved. Understand the calorie-obesity connection.

Christmas Bow.

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The No-Equipment Workout Youll need: Yup, just a plain old wall. Dont want scuff marks? Lose the sneaks. There—one less thing to worry about. Your plan: Do these seven moves three times a week on alternate days

How to Use it Apple Cider Vinegar For Face...

How to Use it Apple Cider Vinegar For Face

How to Use it Apple Cider Vinegar For Face and for acne In order to make your Skin soften and exfoliate, reduced red marks and treat acne on both your

When to eat, exercise, sleep and why. Really good things to know about how and why sleep and good diet are a must!

Fitness - Exercise - Weight Loss: How To Lose Weight All Day Long - Work with your body's natural rhythms to vanquish cravings, increase energy, and drop pounds. By The Editors of Prevention Magazine - When to eat, exercise, sleep and why.

Good vs. Bad Carbohydrates: Know the Difference - Diet and Nutrition Center - EverydayHealth.com

Good vs. Bad Carbohydrates

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In this article, we have included 15 simple ways to gain weight quickly that will help you earn some pounds in no time! Learn How to gain weight fast?

90 DAY PLANK CHALLENGE ~ My Slice of Sunday

90 DAY PLANK CHALLENGE for beginners/intermediate! I wouldn't call this intermediate; I've been planking less than a month and I'm already ahead of where they have you at 90 days. But this is great for just starting out!


Extra-virgin olive oils are a better option than other olive oils, since they’re less refined. Extra-virgin olive oil contains antioxidant compounds as well as vitamin E and oleocanthal, which can reduce inflammation.

Best Oblique Exercises for Women

Best Oblique Exercises for Women at Home or Gym: Ab exercises for the obliques, or side abdominal muscles, and six pack / core workout tips.

Balancing your chakras help maintain your body, mind and spirit.

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Chakras are part of our spiritual bodies and are the entry gates of aura. They are the centers of activity that receive, assimilate, and express life force energy and are responsible for a person’s physical, mental and spiritual functions.

Snack Attack: Apple, Peanut Butter, and Pumpkin Seed Stacks (could use walnuts instead) -- Daniel Fast

Snack Attack: Apple, Peanut Butter, and Pumpkin Seed Stacks

Almond butter on apple slices with pumpkin seeds. I would prob use peanut butter (for the convenience, though I wouldn't mind trying almond butter) and pepinos. Snacks For Before and After Your Workout Recommended by Equinox Trainer

intense 12 week workout plan reading season?

Getting to Your Goal Weight: 10 Secrets From Miss America's Trainer

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss: 56 Tips and Tricks to Drop Pounds Now Great tips! Just use a new one each week to keep improving! The Ultimate Guide to…

Top15 stress relieving yoga poses - Although all yoga asanas reduce stress and tension, increase strength and balance, increase flexibility and lowered blood pressure, there are some poses that reign supreme. Practise these poses with deep breathing for maximum benefits.

15 posturas de yoga para aliviar el estrés

15 Easy Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress fitness stress exercise yoga health healthy living home exercise yoga poses stress relief exercising self help exercise tutorials yoga for beginners