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Bronzed Drongo, Dicrurus  aeneas, a small Indomalayan bird

Bronzed Drongo, Dicrurus aeneas, a small Indomalayan bird

Pretty bird

Cuba is proud to be the home of the smallest bird in the world. The Bee Hummingbird! This sweet little bird, is only found in Cuba.

Yellow Fronted Woodpecker - photo by cludio timm by Miss-A-sketches

The Yellow-fronted Woodpecker (Melanerpes flavifrons) is a species of bird in the Picidae family. It is found in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. by Cláudio Timm*

Resplendent Quetzal, Pharomachrus mocinno, Paraiso Quetzal, Los Santos Forest Reserve, Costa Rica (02/15/13)

Many count Quetzal among the most beautiful and ornate bird species in the Western Hemisphere, and the natives were so awestricken by their striking beauty that they referred to them as "The Rare Jewel Birds of the World." Shared via

As an interior designer I often get my color inspiration from nature.  I am mostly talking about the color of leaves, changes in light, the seasons... But, I have been seeing amazingly beautiful nature photos on Pinterest of late. It's like Mother Nature took the biggest box of crayons (the one w/ the sharpener in the back that never worked) & had an amazing coloring session...   ~~~ By Amy Vermillion Interiors,  Charlotte NC)

The Pink-headed Fruit Dove, Ptilinopus Porphyreus, also known as Pink-necked Fruit Dove or Temminck's Fruit Pigeon, is a native of Indonesia.

Stunning green bird

28 Dazzling Exotic Birds You Probably Never Heard Of ~ Livingstone's Turaco. Turacos make up the bird family Musophagidae (literally 'banana eaters'). Depsite the name, they generally do not eat bananas.