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Nobody said it was easy.

Not easy but worth it. Most things worth a damn are NOT easy! But loving you is! Putting up w/u - not always, but SO WORTH IT!

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Watch me roar! Through cutting sarcastic honesty I will dig through the bull women tell themselves.tiss my calling and I am keeping it real. I rat my self out and I rat out anyone that comes into my life.

You have...

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Love what you do, Love what you read, Love what you watch, Love ideas

"Fall in love with as many things as possible." People may call you a fanatic, but there's nothing wrong with having a boat-load of passion.

zeroing: “ just don’t care ”

It's funny how people make important decisions in life, the most important decisions of their life, based on what everyone else, the unimportant outsiders primarily, will think about things. Pretty backward way to live.

Do you make time for people you love and care about.Then wouldn't you think someone who loves you,truly loves you would make time for you too?

This Is Why 25 Inspirational Quotes Goes Viral On Pinterest 15

This Is Why 25 Inspirational Quotes Goes Viral On Pinterest

As of late I have been seeking inspiration in everything. June is full of so many possibilities and I have already had quite the start to t.

I thought you would trust me enough to tell me what was on your mind. I will miss you in so many ways.

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