Read Tae from the story [Imagine][BTS][Hoàn]Sweet Stories by Maknaeteam (Yeon_Hanna) with reads. Taehyung on stage

Chàng trai tinh nghịch bậc nhất nhóm - V.

[Star cast] "DNA, I wonder more" . BTS, 3 days never seen anyone :: Naver TV Entertainment

Lord these boys should not be allowed to wear leather pants for the safety of all Army's pls

- oh wowwww. there is so much right with this pic. all I can think of to describe it is, "uhhhh god yeahhhh"

Le"Jin"dary pic of Jungkook

I really don& think it& okay that Kookie is getting so attractive (though he& always been cute) -- he& supposed to be the maknae of the group!

#wattpad #fanfic Me dio flojera hacer una descripción así que....QUE ESPERAS DALE LEER PUES!!!!  PAREJAS: -Yoonmin(obvio -_-)                       -Vhope/Vkook (Salseo meeen)                      -NamJin                      - Voy a poner a Kookie y a Jimin como las putas así que no se me enojen ...

CrAzY (Yoonmin) - CaPiTuLo 14: EXTRAÑAMENTE VHOPE 2/5

Peaches n cream, Sweeter than sweet ,Chocolate cheeks and Chocolate wings ✨