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smileeee... :)

smileeee... :)

Maeda   -zukal-

Maeda -zukal-



For male characters, the important part is the upper body, so let's continue on to my favorite(?) section of this lect~ 1 - Well now that you have your head, draw the sloping-down shoulders. The red blocks/shapes here vaguely represent the muscle structur

Männer zeichnen  Torso zeichnen  Körperstudien  Muskeln zeichnen  Character Design. Body reference. Male

Sorry but honestly these are like the coolest detail in male anatomy, the under-arm rib muscle thingies! Like just imagine a toxic green underbelly fading into a stripe of brilliant red before a solid dark grey-black!


I never know what to draw boys hair like. :) ~ Reference to draw hair. Credits to Viria. That's rough, buddy.

Sasshihara  -zukal-

Sasshihara -zukal-

Shibata  -zukal-

Shibata -zukal-

sketch pencil -nadya fatira-

sketch pencil -nadya fatira-