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DENNERLE Nano Cube® Contest 2013. Quality test. Results | Все для аквариума, террариума и пруда

For many beginner aquascapers there are very real constraints on space and budget. This is where a Nano Aquascape can be a great introduction to the hobby.

Evolution: terraces in aquascaping Learn of how things have been set up to accomplish similar results in your tank.

Progression of Terraces in a nano tank! I love the look of this:) I would most likely make this a shrimp tank!

2014 AGA Aquascaping Contest - Entry #236

2014 AGA Aquascaping Contest - Entry #236

Aquascaping Love | Aquascaping news, info, gallery and much more.

The Nature Aquarium, introduced by Japanese aquarist Takashi Amano back in the is one of the two major styles dominating the world of aquascaping.

2016 AGA Aquascaping Contest - Entry #321

(Part with a bamboo-ish tree/plant planted at the end of the bark in the left shelf, kept tall enough for it's canopy to touch the screen top. Some old man's beard moss can hand in front of the glass.