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I just laughed so hard at this

"show him your fucking BADGE!!"

XD So a farmer is going about his business. The big mean DEA officer wants to check for illegal plants. Farmer tries to be nice, but DEA officer is too in love with his badge. The bull would probably love to see it.

Best rough draft ever

an essay on my teacher i actually write stuff like this when i'm doing a rough draft omg .

Super Calloused Fragile Mystic Hexed by Halitosis

Favorite Joke: Mahatma Gandhi: a super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis

Reminds me of an epic essay my brother's friend wrote in college while on several substances and no sleep for three days . <--- I want to read this beauty you speak of !

Seriously though

Monopoly get out of jail free card how to get out of detention drama class how do u kick a ceiling

So true!

Backwards 'b' lol xD schools' out, and i started crying. middle school, here i come!

Shark week

Shark week

I did this my freshman year XP we use Shark Week as a euphemism for periods too. And one of the boys that lived in my hall knew and we would always mess with him saying yeah its shark week and he would freak out and tell us he didn't need to know that XD

When they graced us with the story of Eli.

35 Times Tumblr Proved Itself To Be The Best Social Media Site Ever In 2014

Of course I can you idiots, just because I know how to talk doesn't mean I want to talk to you. <<<< Sherlock as a kid, basically.

We need more of these people in this world

My Preciousss.sorry for the strong language but this is too funny not to post. I would totally ask this guy out for the geek reference

Funny pictures about When Beethoven passed away. Oh, and cool pics about When Beethoven passed away. Also, When Beethoven passed away.

This is just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too amazing for words

Funny pictures about While playing Rollercoaster Tycoon. Oh, and cool pics about While playing Rollercoaster Tycoon. Also, While playing Rollercoaster Tycoon.