HOW I TOOK THESE PHOTOS IN MY SMALL 700 SQUARE FOOT APARTMENT by Beth Deschamp of Bethadilly Photography

How I took these photos in my small 700 square foot apartment

Powerful editing techniques can take any good photo to great! Learn how to edit your iPhone photos step by step using a free app on your phone. Click here to read the full post >>

The 6-step process for taking high-quality iPhone photos for your business

How to Make Homemade Backgrounds for Food and Still Life | Homemade Folio Boards (tutorial via Christina Greve)

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

DIY photography "studio" for 20 bucks.  Thank you @Tsh Oxenreider for posting this! I've been wanting to set one of these up forever but didn't know how with very little money!

DIY mini photo studio tutorial: OH MY GOSH, THIS IS GENIUS! *Frame/moulding mounted on wall + roller shade (she has a pretty inspiration bulletin board underneath, which can also be used to tack up

The Magic of Bounce Lighting

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Bounce lighting is a simple trick that brightens shadows and makes your products look great in photos! Photography tips.

A quick tutorial on how to make a distressed wood backdrop for photos. We show you how to make your own wood photo backgrounds for blog projects and food photos in a few simple steps!

How to Make Your Own DIY Wood Photo Backdrop

Improve your photography with a wood photography backdrop. We show you how to make your own distressed wood photo backdrop quickly and easily.

Setup for Photography - using different backgrounds for photographing objects. Tips on equipment and photography setups with natural light.

Photography Setups and Equipment for Blogging -

Setup: objects and backgrounds are placed in a photo to look a certain way depending on the kind of setup.