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Lalla Essaydi

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#موسوعة_اليمن_الإخبارية l دولة شامية فيها اجمل بنات العرب تفجر مفاجأة وتوقف تجديد الاقامات على الاجانب الا بعد الزواج من احدى بنات البلد

- Iraqi female students wearing Arab folkloric dresses and Bedouin masks

In the Red.

In the Red (Part Nouveau)

Francisco de Goya and John Rawlings


Moroccan artist Lalla Essaydi, currently living in New York City, combines her painting skills with her aptitude for photography to produce this beautiful

Women’s Bodies Go Uncensored In This Very Real New Photo Collection

Women’s Bodies Go Uncensored In This Very Real New Photo Collection

"Girl on Girl" editor Charlotte Jansen says, “Women want to be able to celebrate the pure forms of their bodies, just as men have been allowed to for cen.

Imagine France by Maia Flore

Imagine France by Maia Flore

Lalla Essaydi

Brooklyn Museum: Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art: Feminist Art Base: Lalla Essaydi

Lalla Essaydi, Reclining Odalisque, 2008

Photo Gallery: Lalla Essaydi’s Harem Girls

Lalla Essaydi Les Femmes du Maroc: Reclining Odalisque, 2008 Chromogenic print mounted to aluminum, ed. 3 panels, each x

"Figures in Letters"-- mixed media on plexiglass / art with calligraphy..  Hamza Bounoua | Algeria by Albareh Art Gallery , via Behance

"Figures in Letters"-- mixed media on plexiglass / art with calligraphy.

Papillon Burberry Prosum, Vogue Italia, January 2009 (by Shirin Neshat)

Lalla essaydi artist statement generator ARTIST STATEMENT: In a sense, my work is haunted by space, actual and metaphorical, remembered and constructed. My photographs grew out of.

Artist Lalla Essaydi’s exhibit at the National Museum of African Art questions the barriers imposed on Arab women and challenges depictions of those who live in harems.

Artist Lalla Essaydi challenges stereotypes of women in Islamic cultures

Known for her large format photographs, Lalla Essaydi's work combines Islamic calligraphy and representations of the female body, focusing on the interconnection of faith, culture and gender and challenging notions within all three.

Shirin Neshat, Rapture, 1999, video still

And the veil is an incredibly powerful icon in the way it empowers a woman sexually. It’s supposed to be doing the opposite, but as you can tell, through a mere gaze the woman can excite men.

Moroccan born photographer Lalla Essaydi has created some interesting work that combines photography and Arabian calligraphy which is chromogenic printed  and mounted onto aluminum. In these recent photographs, which are blown up to large scale, Essaydi addresses the lives and identities of women in Islamic societies. Thanks to Lalla Lydia for the link.

Lalla Essaydi