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Why does everyone draw him with a deer, don't get me wrong I LOVE Legolas and I LOVE this pic but still. Legolas have you been in your fathers closet again?

Thranduil and Legolas--I can't with this. Pinning again because I want to.

The previous person gave me all the feels. What if Thranduil fell into depression, but tried to be happy for lil Legolas!

sigun-i-loki:  Legolas by Rin丘丘

Legolas Rewatching The Hobbit movies and I felt like I need to pin some fanart of my precious prince

Thranduil and Legolas from "The Hobbit" - Art by kinko-white.tumblr.com

Kinko-White Thranduil and Legolas (this is my current lock screen)