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Funny pictures about Batman Meets Sherlock. Oh, and cool pics about Batman Meets Sherlock. Also, Batman Meets Sherlock photos.

I refuse to watch Miracle Day because he's gone....and Gwen still lives. It's really not fair.

*bursts into tear* Ianto! Never in my life have I cried as hard over the loss of a fictional character as much as I did for him. It also didn't help I watched the entire series for the first time in about a week and a half

Kindly ask him to wait, close the door, go find a pillow scream into it like a crazy fangirl and then open the door, ready to assist him on a case. <--this is probably exactly what I'd do

I would hug him in his big black coat, ruffle his hair, and scream "I accept!" But then he'd probably change his mind.

It makes it hard to watch shows sometimes

Or trying to explain it to someone who doesn't understand shipping period. Or explaining fanfic.

Richard Armitage, 41 Benedict Cumberbatch, 36 Elijah Wood, 32 Dean O'Gorman, 36

bbcfangirlproblems: "If you fall for The Doctor, that makes you about 450 years old. Which technically means you’re one hell of a cougar when it comes to John and Sherlock.