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The amount different types of tools used and the types of alphas used along with them is something I want to bring to my character.   d_9.jpg

Dhanad Islam reveals the masterful modelling techniques behind the creation of his fantasy beast: Tombstone

Henrique Naspolini님 마이크로매쉬 모델링  http://www.3dtotal.com/index_tutorial_detailed.php?id=1953&catDisplay=1&roPos=1&page=1#.VH7tG3tfCQn

Discover how to create intricate shoulder pads and convincing facial hair in Maya and ZBrush, with Henrique Naspolini’s detailed Dwarf project overview


Splitting some mesh in multiple UV tiles to sculpt them separately and so getting lot more resolution.

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making a rope in zbrush

Zbrush: Using Micromesh technique for details

Micromesh break down Funky's sculptage - Page 11


Danil Soloyov of Plarium Games discusses how he went about creating an archer character for Sparta: War of Empires

Making Of Elf by Nikita Volobuev Nikita Volobuev is a 3D Artist from Moscow-Krasnogorsk, Russia.

Making Of Elf by Nikita Volobuev Nikita Volobuev is a Artist from Moscow-Krasnogorsk, Russia.

Creating Details Hard-Surface with Displacement Maps in ZBrush 4R6 by Fran Picazo

Mini Tutorial for creating details hardsurface with displacement maps in Zbrush 4 Gray-brown model.