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Eid is a common celebration throughout Muslim countries around the world. Eid is celebrated the day after the last day of Ramadan. Both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia celebrate this after the long month of fasting.

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so yhhhhhhh in 1 hour and 14 mins it would be tomoz.but like its kinda already ramdan cuz its past maghrib.

Eid sign in arabic

If you celebrate Eid, i have made this document with the words Eid Mubarak (Happy Eid) in Arabic.

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Selected and unique Arabic and Islamic Calligraphy art photos from various artists in different styles, We have a wide variety of Islamic and Arabic Calligraphic scripts and styles.

Eid Mubarak - Bayramınız Mübarek olsun

by Salman Hameed Eid Mubarak to all! I wanted to point out that apart from the beautiful calligraphy, the crescent side is a.