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You gotta admit, having a venus fly trap in your office would be pretty awesome. – Cute Plants and Planters For Your Office

Venus Flytrap Terrarium

Pin for Later: Cute Office Desk Plants and Planters From Etsy Venus Flytrap Terrarium

Carnivorous Plant Terrarium.

Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

I've always liked carnivorous plants but while I successfully grow other plants, I've been pretty good and not keeping the carnivorous ones alive.


How to Make a Terrarium. A terrarium is a miniature indoor garden inside a glass container. The plants are low maintenance and are perfect for people who don't have a green thumb or who don't have time to care for a garden. You can place a.

Pitcher plants

this is beautiful . a pitcher plant; best idea is the bottle they are in! Very creative and practical for this plant!Research the requirements of each species. Carnivorous pitcher plants can be found all over the world.

carnivorous plant

A nerdfest about 5 carnivorous plants -- including one you can grow today

Life Fixture: Terrarium in a test tube in an aquarium in a lightbulb in a light fixture. I must try this!

"Life Fixture" is a terrarium inside a test tube inside an aquarium inside a light bulb in a light fixture.