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28 Ways You Identify With Dorothy From "The Golden Girls"

"To get ice cream or commit a felony. I'll decide in the car." I'm just starting to realize how much Golden Girls informed my sense of humor (and perhaps fashion).

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{The Golden Girls} ~ Blanche - "Isn't is amazing how I can feel so bad and still look so good?

Golden Girls

28 Ways You Identify With Dorothy From "The Golden Girls"

The Golden Girls - (Dorothy to her Mom) "You're a funny little gnome, and we feed you too much.

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This is me on Sunday mornings.maybe not at in the morning but the 15 minutes is about right.

I Love Lucy!! I love this line! Haha

"I can't help it, eating is my hobby." Story of my life. I Love Lucy

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My morning except I have my phone plus husbands phone set 2 minutes apart for every alarm. Plus extra last minute wake up clock alarm.