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Kise & Kuroko | Kuroko no Basket #yaoi

Kise x Kuroko - Kuroko x Kuroko - KiseKuro - KuroKise - 黄黒 - Kise Ryouta - Kuroko Tetsuya - Yaoi

Ikuto and Amu in Bed | The Amuto Fanclub the bed moment....ikuto:warm bottle

HD Wallpaper and background photos of the bed moment.ikuto:warm bottle for fans of The Amuto Fanclub images.

Fairy Tail Couples Light and Dark

Thise picture was the reason i started watching fairy tail ^.^ i wanted to knew all of those charas and now i have an new favorite anime :)

Shugo Chara - Amu & Ikuto *OhMySWOON!!* IKUTO!! Have mercy on my fangirl kokoro here! <3<3<3 KYAAAAA!!!

Shugo Chara - Amu & Ikuto and this is why I love the manga more than the anime!

Frisk and chara. Fight or mercy.

chara and frisk from undertale by aayari


This is actually pretty cute, If you don't consider the fact that Sans is dying



Chara: FUCK ME,KITTEN. Frisk: I'm so gay right now. Asriel: *dead* Artist-chan: wish I was this hot if I were a guy,but I approve. ---- Day 4

Drown in the holy glory of this rare sketch of Kitten wearing the sexiest skating outfit EVER in the anime(Not gonna lie bros,it really is-) Your soul has been blessed. --- Asriel: *dead again.