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The cycle of Virtue and Substance (1929)

Vintage Infodesign [86

Fritz Kahn: The Little-Known Godfather of Infographics

One Man Could Run This Ship! (1927)

Vintage Infodesign [63

A honey bee compound eye From ‘Structure and development of the compound eye of the honey bee’ by Everett Franklin Phillips

Suicides in Seattle 1914 to 1925 (1928)

Vintage Infodesign [120

Calvin F. Schmid “Notes on Two Multiple-Variable Spot Maps”

Feelings towards President Roosevelt and his wife (1939)

Vintage Infodesign [103

Biology of C.S.C. (1944)

Vintage Infodesign [119

Commissioned Infographic: Biology of CSC, 1944

New-age elevators raise the roof for skyscrapers

This is Visual Journalism [91