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(Lucy Harem) Sayonara Fairy Tail - Chap 14: Tinh linh pha lê!!!

from the story (Lucy Harem) Sayonara Fairy Tail by Yui_Arayaki (Yui Arayaki) with reads.

Kaito and Akaito

Looks like Xiaohu and Xiaotu from Twin Spirit Detectives ^^

Resultado de imagen para mikuo vocaloid

Mikuo: I'm mikuo *hugs behind me* this short girl is pika Me: hey! I'm not that short Mikuo: *rub my head* you are short *smiles* Me: *sigh and smiles* you win this time Mikuo Mikuo: *kiss my cheek and left* Me: *blush* pretend you never saw that

_____ _____ es una otaku "medio" loca que le gusta un poco (cofcofMUS… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

¿¡¿Esto es real?!? (Len y Tu)

Do you see how alike they look? Ikuto frome shugo chara is on the left vocaloid kaito shion is one the right

Vocaloid (Len Kagamine) | Monochrome Anime Boy with green eyes …

Name:Jackal Type: Demon, prefers not to eat souls though, stays in the human world, Claude's son.

VY2 Yuuma (Vocaloid) just call me tobuscus cause hothothothothothothothothothot

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