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their wings had bold spots and scabs where the rusted cage bars would wear at the feathers. their wings had to be held close to their body. Once rescued, it hurt to spread their wings, and had forgotten how to fly

Ingrid's life draining away

Featured in Aftercapture magazine First place in Digital Imaging contest Death Romance Series Model and makeup: Mary Male Model: My boyfriend (: Photographer: Michelle Monique Before/After: Behind .


Artwork from "Alice : Madness Returns" videogame by American Mcgee.

"Unmoon" by avodkabottle -  A Shadow-Faerie…sort of sentimental and wise at times, but she's still young, so she's also foolish. She's also a shadow fairy--the kind shadow fairy's little sister. She's shunned because she was born with white wings.

Hooded angel with golden wings. "You will never know the beauty of your wings until you step into the light and remove the cloak you carry.