imagenes-arte digital-un oscuro cuento de hadas

imagenes-arte digital-un oscuro cuento de hadas

their wings had bold spots and scabs where the rusted cage bars would wear at the feathers. their wings had to be held close to their body. Once rescued, it hurt to spread their wings, and had forgotten how to fly

caughtupinsomebusyday: “ CHURCH WINDOW ”

I could see the light from the broken window of the old rock church from my bedroom window, and I was sure that I wasn't the only one awake at in the morning.

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''Gittin mi büyük gideceksin ! Ayrılık bile gurur duyacak seninle.'' ... der can yücel.. gittin mi ;baharları da alacaksın , gelmezse bir daha diye... gittin mi ;ay gibi parlayan yüzünü de alacaksın, yakamozlar oluşmazsa diye.. gittin mi ;gülüşünde açan gonca gülleri de alacaksın, yürek toprağın kurumasın diye.... gittin mi büyük gideceksin, ardında hiç bitmez son baharı bırakarak... ayrılık bile gurur duyacak seninle.. kalan ise ...boş ver...  benimkisi zaten yitik bir yaşam öyküsü

I am the angel of darkness.I am very sad all the time.The balloon I have is the reminder of my family.

Simplemente más fotos para tus portadas.  Puesto #62 el 16-7-17 Puest… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

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These timeless tales weave a saga of an immortal love. ~cM My writing Desk

fallen male angel sitting on stairs steps bloody dripping down stairs wings coming out, No angel is more beautiful then the ones that have fallen, becoming one with humanity, and realizing the fears in life.

Silence speaks

Melvin Galapon Soundwave Portrait of Alexander Graham Bell the inventor of the loudspeaker and typographic treatment taking inspiration from sound wave formations.

Beautiful colorful pictures and Gifs: Reflecting Water gif- Reflecion de agua con efectos

Beautiful colorful pictures and Gifs: Reflecting Water gif- Reflecion de agua con efectos. This is so beautiful I'm reluctant to post in the right place.