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Así es. Siempre me haya dicho que soy una gran persona y que merezco el mundo. Aunque no le creía muchas veces.   Cuando me dice que no tiene opción de aguantarme, me recuerda que nosotros no tuvimos nada de esta planeado...pero no podemos hacer nada para evitarla. Estamos metidos jajajaj.   Estamos juntos, y por una razón así nos quiere Dios. Lo amo amor.

Love Quotes For Her: Her unprecedented devotion and dedication leave me with a burning desire to fil

Too much thinking

Believe me when I say I always think of you, no matter how busy I am,no matter what I'm doing, my brain is constantly thinking of you. Even when I think of other things you're still on my mind


to my husband If I had my life to live over again, I'd find you sooner so I could love you longer


I have scars. You have scars. And life works best when we love each other . scars and all.


I talked to Dr Tom today, described to him how my mind wanders about you. He said holy crap you make it sound like she is always on my mind. I told him I never said she wasn't. I miss you. I always think about you.

My heart went cold a long time ago but it

Please stay.Brenda please stop. I miss you, I love you. I wish you can please forgive me. I am sorry. I love u. Please forgive me.