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And suddenly, we were strangers again.

And suddenly, we were strangers again.

know its over and it never really began but in my heart it was so real

Left me with no explanation. Not a single word said. Just left me to break. Alone. time hurts just like the first

Timing was wrong...And your damaged goods it seems...Hugs

I can still see them beautiful eye and them sweet lips of yours as you read me bull shit that really didn't matter anyways. Damn I miss you! my heart hurts 3 prayers left to be answered your one of them!

#sadbuttrue #lovesucks

Knowing I will never be able to talk to him the way we used to talk into the darkness together, in this life is what hurts the most. In Heaven shall we meet again sister.

Yep, sure is.

There is a difference between pain and anger. But when I am hurt people think I'm mad and mean.therefore no one will ever know when I'm hurt. When im hurt I'm exaggerating or making it bigger than it is

We will all have a moment or moments where we just shut things and people out and off, it's ok.

We will all have a moment or moments where we just shut things and people out and off, it's ok.~I wish people will understand this.

Was it easy to make up all those lies about me? Was it easy to blame me? Was it easy watching her tear me apart? Was it easy to break someone's heart like that? Because you couldn't tell the truth, because you are afraid of her.

Lecture No. There will be times in your life when you ask this of someone who has deeply wounded you. But, my beautiful boys know that the hurt, pain, the ache will pass and one day you will wake up happy again. Was it easy?

Words are fluff. Actions are not. But actually pay attention to the action, not what you think the action is. Especially when it becomes a pattern.

M, I struggle with this one a lot. Because I honestly never thought you'd lie to me like that.

You promised that you'd be by my side after my sister left. You promised that you wouldn't leave me, to trust you.