The Kemp USA Medical Supply Pack E is a fill kit for EMS Gear Bags. It comes with (51) unique first aid items, totaling 250 pieces. This Supply Pack conveniently fits the Kemp EMS Suitcase Bag (item# 10-120), however can be used for any bag of your choice. Contents Include: # Description Qty1 Alcohol Prep Pads (10)2 Ammonia Inhalants (5)3 Bag Valve Mask, Adult (1)4 Bandage, Stretch Gauze Roll 2" (3)5 Bandage, Stretch Gauze Roll 3" (3)6 Bandage, 3" Self-Adherent (1)7 Bandage, Elastic 2" x 5 yd (2 Emergency Preparedness, First Aid Kit, Medical Bag, Medical Kit, Medical Supplies, Gear Bag, Emergency Medical, First Aid, Tech