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Gun violence has become a major issue over the years and only gets worse each year. Seems like a day doesn't go by where you don't hear about a new mass shooting. Gun violence laws need to be put into action and enforced more strictly so we can end the loss of innocent lives. Kayla Snellgrove

Since Newtown, there have been at least 16 mass shootings, each killing four or more people other than the shooter. The Navy Yard shooting Monday was

Guns have changed. Our gun laws have not kept pace. Brains of gun owners have shrunk???

A Work by Occupy* Posters

Parents Against Gun Violence #gunsense #gunsafety

Conservative Media Link Chicago's Crime Wave To Strong Gun Laws, Ignoring Higher Murder Rates In "Gun-Friendly" Cities

"The map overlays the map of firearm deaths above with gun control restrictions by state". "It highlights states which have one of three gun control restrictions in place: assault weapons' bans, trigger locks, or safe storage requirements"

11 essential facts about guns and mass shootings in America

States with tighter gun control laws have fewer gun-related deaths--by German Lopez/Vox/Gun violence in America, in 17 maps and charts

Why do law abiding citizens carrying or owning guns for protection need silencers? Someone help me understand. Thanks.

Why do law abiding citizens carrying or owning guns for protection need silencers? Someone help me understand.

Transgender People Are More Visible Than Ever, But It's Still Legal To Discriminate Against Them In Most States

It's Still Legal To Discriminate Against Transgender People In Most States

Absolutely disgusted by and disappointed in Kentucky. Step your game up, Bluegrass State!

Universal Background Checks Are Important.  Just because something isn't foolproof in ending gun violence, doesn't mean that it isn't an important detriment to it.

Infographic: Fixing Gun Background Checks - Center for American Progress

Sensible gun laws

AWESOME new infographic from the Center for American Progress on the ways that dangerous individuals obtain guns in America.

Buying votes in the Senate, #NRA

Here’s How Much It Costs To Block A Bill That 91% Of Americans Support

What it Cost the NRA to Buy Senators' Votes- itemized. Get the lobbyists out of government.