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How You Eat Matters for Endometriosis | The Endometriosis Dietitian

Published on July 11, 2022
Endowarrior, do you fear food? // I've been there, and this is the one thing you need to learn that helped me stop fearing it so much ⬇️
    👉🏻 HOW you eat matters way more!
      By paying attention to when you eat, how you pair your food and how often you eat you create the foundations for healthy blood sugars and provide your body with a steady supply of nutrition.
        Here's what you need to consider...
          🩸Blood Sugar Regulation
            Keeping your blood sugar stable can play a huge role in reducing inflammation. You can do this by eating every 3-4 hours, eating nutrient dense and well-structured meals. This will allow you to maximize nutrient intake while also keeping your liver and adrenals happy!
              🥑 Pairing Foods
                Nature is smart! Foods are meant to be consumed together, as often, they benefit one another! Foods like Vitamin E- rich almonds and C-rich berries recycle one each other, giving your body more inflammation fighting support. Vitamin D-rich mushrooms and calcium-rich kale work together to keep your bones strong and limit blood clots in your menstrual fluid. Copper rich dark chocolate and iron-rich dried apricots help keep iron in motion to prevent more unwanted inflammation. Isn't nutrition fascinating❓
                  ✨ Eating for Optimal Digestion
                    You also want to consider HOW you eat. This includes chewing your food enough (30-40 times) not just so it's easier to break down, but also because our saliva contains enzymes that help with digestion.
                      You also want to make sure you eat while seated! Believe it or not, it makes a difference!
                        Do you find yourself fearing food over concerns about an Endo flare❓ Share your experience below ⬇️

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