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Look After Me:Washable; Gender:Women's; What's in the box:Wig; Age Group:Adults',Teenager; Characters:Cruella De Vil; Cosplay Works:101 Dalmatians; Cosplay Category:Cosplay Wigs; Wig Fiber:Heat Resistant Fiber; Wig Length Range: / ; Color Shade:White,Black; Hair Material:Synthetic Hair; Head Circumference:52-58; Texture:Glamorous  Dramatic,Wavy,Curly; Heat Resistant:Yes; Cap Circumference:null; Hairstyle:Middle Part; Can Be Permed:No Kawaii Hairstyles, Pretty Hairstyles, Wig Hairstyles, Fantasy Hairstyles, Female Hairstyles, Cosplay Hair, Cosplay Wigs, Black Cosplay Wig, Anime Cosplay
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101 Dalmatians Cruella De Vil Cosplay Wigs Women's Middle Part / Heat Resistant Fiber Curly Wavy Glamorous Dramatic Black White Teenager Adults' Anime Wig / Washable / # / Synthetic Hair / # / Yes

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Gender: Women's
Cosplay Works: 101 Dalmatians
Characters: Cruella De Vil
Cosplay Category: Cosplay Wigs
Wig Fiber: Heat Resistant Fiber
Look After Me: Washable
Wig Length Range (inch): /
Heat Resistant: Yes
Texture: Glamorous & Dramatic Wavy Curly
Hair Material: Synthetic Hair
Gender: Women's, Cosplay Works: 101 Dalmatians, Characters: Cruella De Vil, Cosplay Category: Cosplay Wigs, Wig Fiber: Heat Resistant Fiber, Look After Me: Washable, Wig Length Range (inch): /, Heat Resistant: Yes, Texture: Glamorous & Dramatic, Wavy, Curly, Hair Material: Synthetic Hair, Color Shade: White, Black, Age Group: Adults', Teenager, Can Be Permed: No, Hairstyle: Middle Part, What's in the box: Wig,
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the difference between human hair and synthetic hair?
A: A human hair wig is longer lasting, soft and feels natural to the touch. It can be styled and dyed just like your own hair and "breathes" so your scalp won't perspire as much underneath. But human hair wigs need to be styled after every wash, and are more expensive because of its limited supply. A synthetic hair wig is easy to care for without requiring styling after washing, and is less expensive than human hair. However, it cannot take high temperatures, meaning it cannot be styled with an iron, and has a shorter lifespan if you wear it every day.
Q: What is Capless / None Lace Wig Cap?
A : Capless wigs are constructed with solid lace tops and open rows of wefts on the sides and back to create improved ventilation. If you've grown weary under heavy and warm wigs, traditional capless wigs are a great option. This flexible open cap design offers positive benefits to wig wearers:
+ More room for airflow
+ Lightweight and breathable design
+ Improves overall comfort
Q: Can I use low heat to style my wig?
A: Yes, our wigs are heat friendly. We suggest the heat below 300° Fahrenheit (149° Celsius) to avoid damaging the fibers. You can heat it with regular heat styling tools (hair dryer temperature is the best choice).
Q: How long can I expect this wig to lasts?
A: The life of the wig depends on how you use and care it. If kept well, it can last for about 6 months to one year.
How do I wear my wig for the first time?
A: Remove wig from the plastic bag. Gently remove the protective hair net from your wig. Give your wig a few good shakes to separate the fibres to give some body to the hair. Some wigs need to be shaken to release the pre-set styling. Brush your hair away from your face and secure a wig cap in place, tucking in any extra hair. Hold your wig at the sides with the woven label in back. Place it at your natural hairline and slide it on from front to back. Adjust the wig as needed so the front edge is just over your natural hairline. Use the ear tabs to centre your wig from left to right. If the wig is too tight undo the hooks at the base of the neck and try again. If the wig is too loose move the hook up a level and retry the wig - repeat until comfortable. Tuck in any stray hairs at the front, sides and nape. Use a soft brush to style.
How do I store my wig?
A: The best way to store your wig is on a wig stand. Not only does this help prevent your wig from becoming tangled or flat between wearing, it also helps to maintain your wigs style and shape. Ideally, your wig should be stored in a clean, dry place, away from dust and sources of high heat or flame. If you do not have a wig stand always store your wig turned inside out and place it in a shoe box or similar.
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