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Tactical Hand Signals, this would be good to know for paintballing!

Tactical Hand Signals - preparation for the Zombie appocalypse (:Tap The LINK NOW:) We provide the best essential unique equipment and gear for active duty American patriotic military branches, well strategic selected.We love tactical American gear

GROOVY MATTER: Remaining Daylight on Your Fingers

Determine remaining daylight on your hand. Use this simple trick to measure the remaining daylight without a watch. Count the finger widths between the sun and the horizon. Each finger is equivalent to 15 minutes, with each hand totaling an hour.

Shooting Fundamentals | Follow These Tips and Shoot Like a Pro | Skills And Techniques by Survival Life at http://survivallife.com/shooting-fundamentals/

Shooting Fundamentals

Do you have shooting fundamentals down? Pin this infographic so you never forget!

I aint a police officer or dispatcher. But I am a transit dispatcher and I can say i recognize a few of these lol

Police codes infographic

This infographic has all police codes including APCO 10 codes, 11 codes, phonetic alphabet & more. View this police scanner code visual.

How to protect yourself from an attacker

Self defense! Mada Krav Maga in Shelby Township, MI teaches realistic hand to hand combat that uses the quickest methods to attack the weakest and most vital targets of both armed and unarmed assailants!

How To Spot A Trained Fighter by PhiTuS:

More tips on how to make your character look like a trained fighter. - The first one is debatable. I'm not implying that every trained fighter does exac. How To Spot A Trained Fighter

Some accidental deaths are unavoidablewrong place, wrong time. But most aren't.  Staying alive requires recognizing danger, feeling fear, and reacting. Here's wh

20 Survival Tips You Must Know

Some accidental deaths are unavoidablewrong place, wrong time. Staying alive requires recognizing danger, feeling fear, and reacting. Here's wh

Self-defense tips #SurvivalistCases

Self-defense tips #SurvivalistCases

Dakota fire piy

Native Americans used a Dakota fire hole to hide cooking fires from their enemies. Turns out that these small pits also consume less wood while burning.

Forma Adventure Waterproof Boot

Forma Adventure Boots - Brown

2014 Forma Adventure Off Road Boots - Brown - 2014 Forma Motocross Boots - 2013 Motocross Gear - by Forma - 2014 Forma Adventure

I think this is the next pistol on my list, always loved how H&Ks handle

Hushed Overkill for zombie head shots, but sometimes you need a little more stopping power. Zombie Gifts or Zombie presents for that hard to shop for Undead in your life.