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Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για doutzen kroes portrait tattoo

My newest painting. I used a reference of the wonderful Doutzen Kroes. It took about 20 hours of hard work! All done in Photoshop (and Wacom Intuos Please leave comments and critique!

“Yes, I am sad, sad as a circus-lioness, sad as an eagle without wings, sad as a violin with only one string and that one broken, sad as a woman who is growing old. Sad, sad, sad...” ― Jean Rhys, Good Morning, Midnight

"The end tore people apart, ripped their hope. Stripped their humanity.


Emotion --- touching you , touching me. Your touch, your lips, flesh touching flesh and every part of me was now your. Ivet Putnam (c)

innocent girl portrait photo - closeup face portraits bring more impressions and depth in the portrait by making it stunning. It’s worth keeping them in mind, but sometimes you’ll get the best result by putting your subject’s face in the middle of the frame.

60 Stunning Examples of Close-up Face Portraits

Black & White Photography Inspiration Picture Description ~ some freckle faces can wear dark lipstick and not look like they got punched in the mouth.

5 Ways To Break The Addiction To Sadness.

it’s like your sadness is so deep and overwhelming that you’re worried it will drown everyone else in your life if you let them get too close to it.

Hunger by Cristina Otero Photography © FB / deviantART / Website

Hunger by Cristina Otero Photography © FB / deviantART / Website (Please leave links & credit … Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ)

7af2d9392f2350c0e87e0687d785ef63.jpg (500×670)

7af2d9392f2350c0e87e0687d785ef63.jpg (500×670)